Best Kevo Smart Locks: Everything that you Need to Know About

Best Kevo Smart Locks

Best Kevo Smart Locks: Everything that you Need to Know About

Kevo Smart Lock technologies by Kwikset have always touched new standards of excellence for their design as well as their features with every new release. From alternatives to traditional deadbolt door locks and contemporary smart lock designs, Kevo Smart Locks are extraordinary in every way they come.

Some of the most prominent Smart Lock technologies by Kevo are the Kevo Fob that allows you to access the door without a smartphone, and the Kevo Plus offers remote access to your smart lock with your smartphone.

Here, we are going to review the best Kevo smart locks that you can find online.

Kevo Contemporary Bluetooth Smart Square Door Lock

 Roll over image to zoom in VIDEO Kevo Plus Connected Hub 99240-001 to Lock & Unlock Kevo Smart Lock

 Kevo Contemporary Smart Lock is the next-gen smart lock technology that maximizes your convenience when unlocking the door. You can unlock the door by just touching the lock, provided that you have your phone in your pocket.

Product Features: This smart lock works wirelessly on Bluetooth technology. When you have installed the lock on your door, it automatically detects your presence as you approach the door with your phone. Then you need to touch the lock, and it would open up for you. Kevo Smart Lock is actually quite intelligent. Meaning, it would stop detecting your phone once you are inside so that the security of your living space remains intact. It is a great smart Lock device that would be an excellent addition to your place’s smart home devices.



  • A bit expensive
  • Some users have complaints about the quality


Kevo 2nd Gen Traditional Style Smart Bluetooth Door Lock

Kwikset Kevo (1st or 2nd Gen) Key FOB Accessory

 This 2nd Generation Smart Lock is an upgrade to the previous deadbolt smart locks offers by Kevo. It has an elegant design that would go great with your smart home aesthetics.

 Product Features: The best thing about this Smart Lock is that you can get it in various colors. This door lock offers touch-to-open features that allow you to unlock your door simply just touching the lock.

You’d need to have the compatible app on your phone. When you approach the door, the lock detects your phone and would unlock the door for you. It is as simple as it can get. Plus, you can use it with Alexa to enhance its features. It is one of the best Kevo smart locks that you find online.



  • 2nd Gen Bluetooth Operated Smart Lock
  • Allows you to unlock using smartphone as well as simple touch
  • Kevo App is easy to use
  • Available for android as well as IOS
  • Can work with Kevo Plus as well

  • Might come off as a bit expensive
  • The design approach is not so great


Kevo Convert Smart Lock Conversion Kit for Traditional Deadbolt Lock

Kwikset 99250-102 Convert Bluetooth Enabled Smart Lock

 This Kevo Smart Lock has an elegant design combined with innovative features that you can’t find with other Kevo Smart Lock technologies. It works on Bluetooth technology.

 Product Features: You can use this lock in the place of your existing deadbolt lock. This smart lock would allow you to unlock the door using the smartphone app that comes with it. You can also unlock the door using the touch to open feature. You can set different digital keys for allowing authorized access to your place. It comes with an auto-lock feature that locks the door automatically after a specified period of time.

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  • Elegant Design Kevo Smart Lock
  • Works with Alexa as well as Kevo Plus Hub
  • Can be unlock used Smartphone
  • Affordable price

  • Might be a bit hard to set up
  • Not many color choices available


Kevo Key Fob Accessory for 1st and 2nd Gen Kevo Locks

Kwikset Kevo (2nd Gen) Touch-to-Open Bluetooth Smart Lock

This Kevo Fob accessory would make the process of managing your Kevo smart lock easier for you. You won’t have to carry your phone in your pocket all the time. With this device, you would get the same touch to open feature as you normally do with Kevo smart locks.

 Product Features: This device is made with quality, imported materials. It looks like a physical key and can work that way as well. The interesting thing is, with this Fob accessory, you can unlock the door by touching the lock.

You won’t have to carry your phone in your pocket all the time. If you have these keys on you, the lock would detect the key’s digital footprint and enable the touch to unlock feature for you. This accessory really is one of the best Kevo smart locks technologies that you find online.



  • Works with 1st and 2nd Gen Kevo Smart Locks
  • Offers Touch to open features without using the phone
  • Can work with multiple Kevo locks
  • Durable quality
  • Affordable price

  • The key needs to be close to the door
  • The range might be an issue here


Kevo Plus Hub for Remote Lock Access Control  

Kwikset 99250-208 KevoKevo Plus Hub takes your smart home security to a whole new level. This device allows you to control your Kevo locks remotely from anywhere you want to, given that you have access to the internet.

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 Product Features: The best part is, this hub can be connected with Alexa to enhance its features. Once you use it with Alexa, you would control the lock using your voice commands. This device helps you keep track of the lock, unlock status of your smart lock anywhere. You need to have a compatible smartphone device that works with it. It has a decent design that would look great with your other smart home devices.



  • Sends you real-time lock unlock notification via the Kevo App
  • Can be used with Alexa for unlocking the door using voice commands
  • Sleek Design that looks great
  • Comes with an easy to use Mobile App
  • Durable build quality
  • Wide wireless range

  • The entire package would probably get a bit expensive (Kevo Smart Lock + Kevo Plus Hub)
  • Some users have complainants about software not working well

Final Words:

That’s all there is to it. These are the best Kevo Smart Locks technologies that you need to know about. To give you a recap, Kevo Smart Locks and accessories offer you an easy way of managing the security of your front door. These devices allow you to give controlled access to the people that you want in your home.

You can unlock the door using touch to open feature, using your smartphone or even your voice commands, provided that you have integrated the smart lock with Alexa. These Smart Lock devices have truly changed the way we see smart lock technologies, and we are excited to see what else they have in store for us for the future.

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