How to Change WiFi on your Ring Video Doorbell to a New Network

How to Change WiFi on your Ring Video Doorbell to a New Network

How to Change WiFi on your Ring Video Doorbell to a New Network

When it comes to wireless doorbell devices, you can’t leave out Ring Wireless doorbells from the discussion. The ring is a well-known doorbell manufacturer that is known for its advanced wireless doorbell technologies.

Over the years, Ring has developed remarkable wireless doorbell technologies which along with meeting the needs of a traditional doorbell system, also provide you with innovative features like enhanced security.

Their latest video wireless doorbells venture is no different from any other product that they have introduced so far, in terms of technology and quality.

If you have a Ring Video Doorbell and you want to change its WiFi Network to a new one, this is the article for you. But first,

Is Ring Video Doorbell Worth it?

Ring Video Wireless doorbell is not just an ordinary doorbell, it acts as an intercom as well. It comes with a Camera at the front that allows you to see the people who are outside your door in real-time. It comes with a way audio system that you can access via the mobile app that is provided with the doorbell. You can talk to whoever is outside and see them on your mobile app.

The best part is, you don’t have to be around to use the Video features on your mobile device. When someone rings the bell, you’d be notified at once and you can see them via the mobile app, provided that you are connected to an internet network.

Before learning how to Change WiFi Network on Ring Video Doorbell, let’s take a brief look at some of the features of this wireless video doorbell technology

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Quick Features:

  • Compact Design that looks great
  • Allows you to see Videos on 720p HD Quality
  • Comes with a variety of soothing Chimes
  • Offers excellent Weather resistance features
  • The quality of the WiFi connection is Remarkable
  • Works accurately over wide areas

Steps for Changing the WiFi Network on Your Ring Video Doorbell

Enough about the introduction, Let’s go on and see how you can change the WiFi Network on your Rind Video Doorbell.

First of all, you’d need to learn about the Setup mode of the Ring Video Doorbell. After that, we’ll get to the rest of the process

Ring Video Doorbell Setup Mode:

Setup Mode is a feature that is unique to Ring Video Doorbells. When you start the doorbell for the first time, it enters the set-up mode which is used to connect to the nearby WiFi Network.

Here is how it works

  • When you start the Ring Video Doorbell, it starts the Setup Mode
  • It asks you to Download the Ring App on your Phone
  • Once you download the app, it gives you instruction as to how you can connect with the nearby WiFi Network

Sounds simple enough? But wait till you hear this. The first WiFi Network that it connects to, isn’t your Home WiFi Network.

Don’t worry if you feel confused. Let’s see what actually happens the first time

About Temporary WiFi:

When you start the device for the first time and it enters the Setup mode, it starts its own wireless service by transmitting its own signals to connect the app to the Ring Video Doorbell.

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Once the connection is made, you can go on and follow the instructions on the Smartphone app to connect the device to the WiFi Network of your home. The bottom line is, everything happens with the Setup Mode. And if you want to change the WiFi network that your Ring Video Doorbell is connected to, you’d need to enter the setup mode.

Connecting to a New WiFi Network:

Changing the WiFi network to a new one is not that simple. It requires you to do a series of steps that help you with the process. But, why do you need to change the WiFi network in the first place?

Here are some of the reasons why you might need to change the WiFi Network on your Ring Video Doorbell

  • You have installed a New Modem
  • You are moving to a new Place
  • You are changing your internet services provider (ISP)
  • The previous WiFi Network is down

In all these scenarios, you’d need to learn How to change the WiFi Network on Ring Video Doorbell if you don’t want the device to go to waste.

Here is how you can do that…

Step by Step Process:

  • Open up your Ring Smartphone App
  • Find the Cam Option in the App
  • From there, tap on Change WiFi Network
  • Find the wireless network that you want the Ring Doorbell to connect to
  • If you can’t find the Change WiFi Network option, you might want to look for a setting called the Reconnect to WiFi
  • Go through the standard Connection Procedure and you should be Good to Go
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Bonus Tip: How to Forcefully enter the Setup Mode

If your Ring Video Doorbell can’t initiate the setup mode, your doorbell device would be totally useless. It is from the setup mode that you connect the doorbell to your Home WiFi Network and without that, your Ring Video Doorbell would just become obsolete

Here is how you can troubleshoot this problem

  • Take off the Face Plate from your Ring Video Doorbell
  • You’ll find a black button there. Press it for a few seconds
  • Make sure that the battery of the Ring Video Doorbell is fully charged
  • Go through the setting up Procure once the Device starts

Final Words:

This is everything that you need to know about How to change the WiFi Network on your Ring Video Doorbell. We have also shared a brief guide for troubleshooting the problems regarding the Setup Mode for the Ring Video Doorbell. Make sure to go through this brief guide to change the WiFi Network on your Ring Video Doorbell.

Ring Video Doorbell is a remarkable technology that makes your life a lot safer and easier for you. Install this device at your home and take your security precautions to the next level.

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