DoorBird Door Camera Review 2021 – Is it Good for Money?

DoorBird Door Camera Review

DoorBird Door Camera Review 2021 – Is it Good for Money?

Doorbells are an essential part of every home décor. They are a necessary facility that makes your life and that of the people around you much more comfortable. Instead of having people knock on your door with their bare hands, you can install a doorbell that people can use to notify you of their presence outside your front door.

Wireless Doorbell technologies have changed a lot over the years. At first, we had the traditional electrical doorbells with a wired connection. Then came the Wireless doorbell technologies, and now, the Smart Doorbells have taken things to a whole new level. 

This article will cover everything about the latest and the most advanced Wireless/Smart Doorbells Technology, the DoorBird Video Doorbell. In this DoorBird Review, you’ll learn everything there is to know about this state-of-the-art wireless video doorbell.

So, let’s dive in and see what DoorBird Door Camera, is all about 

Product Overview:

Doorbird Camera ReviewWhen someone knocks at your door with conventional doorbells, you don’t know who is outside at first. You have to come to the door and then ask who is there. NItcould is anyone who might be someone you were not expecting at all, like an intruder or something. 

How do you make sure that surprises are waiting for you outside? How do you ensure your safety and the of the ones that are around you?


This Digital Doorbell/Intercom device is the next step in the doorbell technologies that allow you to see whoever is outside in real-time. It notifies when someone rings the bell. You can see whoever is standing behind the door on your smartphone. This doorbell offers you with the best security measures that make your living space more secure and comfortable for you. 

This doorbell records live videos in 720p Quality and lets your stream it on your device in real-time. Its smart technology is one of a kind. You can be anywhere in the world if you have an active internet connection, you can see the person standing in front of your door.

Let’s review some of the DoorBird Door Camera’s best features that set this product apart from the competition.           

DoorBird Door Camera Features Overview:

When we talk about Wireless doorbells, there are specific standards that you can use to judge a product. Knowing about these standards would enable you to figure out at once whether a product is worth the money or not?

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  • The Design & Build Quality 

Its build quality and elegant design are some of the best features of this doorbell. The design is made to complement most home architectures and works great with most home exteriors.

Talking about the design, you have 3 different options that you can choose from. The price of this doorbell would vary, depending on the design that you choose. The available designs are 

  1. PolyWhite Design
  2. The Stainless-Steel Design with Add-On Plate 
  3. The Strato Silver Design 

Check out all these designs and figure out which one would work the best for you.

 DoorBird Door Camera is made with the highest quality materials. Most of the design variations of this product use metal build that doesn’t breakdown easily. It would be the most durable choice for you when shopping for the best Smart Doorbell for your home.  

  • Receiving Packages at the Front Door 

We all know the frustration of missing an important package or delivery that was outside your door, and you just weren’t home to receive it.

This doorbell eliminates that frustration for you. When a package arrives at your door, you can communicate with the driver and can come to some other arrangement with them. You won’t have to go to the shopping office of that particular service to receive your order.   

  • Allows you to Pair up to 8 Devices

The best thing about this Wireless Doorbell is, you can pair it up with 8 different smartphones at once. All these devices would be notified when someone is at your door. 

Not just that, you can also have the device call at your landline if you don’t have your Smartphone on you. It is all about the way you configure your Wireless doorbell.

In this DoorBird Review, we won’t be talking about how you configure your Doorbell, but the process is fairly simple, and you can easily learn it with the user manual that comes with this Doorbell.  

  • Allows 2 Way Communication

Doorbird Wifi Camera Doorbell2-Way communication is a mainstream technology when it comes to Smart Video Doorbells and intercoms. But the 2-ways communication features offered by DoorBird Doorbell are much more accurate and quality than any other product that we have seen so far. 

You can use video and audio communication as per your preference. You’d be seeing who is outside your home and if they are someone important, you can talk to them about what they should do next.

Talking to them would be like they are actually here in front of you, thanks to the quality video features that this DoorBird Doorbell offers its users. 

  • Interactive Mobile App

DoorBird Doorbell has a mobile app for both IOS and Android operating systems. No matter what smartphone device you have, you can easily have the DoorBird App integrated with your device.

The mobile app is quite simple to use. It has an interactive user interface that allows you to receive voice and video feeds in the best possible way.

The app would work anywhere as long as you have an active internet connection. Ease of use is one of the most prominent features of DoorBird Doorbell that set this product apart from the competition.    

  • Offers Live View in HD Quality

The camera offers you a 720p video feed quality that you can stream in real-time. Live View feature of DoorBird doorbell is hard to find in any other product in this price range. 

It comes with an Infrared button that you can turn on to activate the Night Vision features of this Wireless Doorbell. Plus, the app also shows you the strength of the WiFi network that you are connected to.

All these features allow you to have a decent Live View experience that is better than most Wireless doorbell technologies that you’ll find online.

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  • Offers Cloud Storage Services

If you want to store the record for the visitors who came to your front door, you can purchase the Could Storage plan with the product. This would allow you to store a specified number of entries in the cloud that you can watch later.
The cloud storage plan would cost quite a lot, so you should carefully think about whether you actually need it or not.

  • Waterproof

 Electrical Doorbells are prone to be affected by environmental factors. DoorBird Doorbell isn’t affected by weather conditions at all. It is waterproof, so even if you don’t have enough shading area at your front door to cover the doorbell, it would still work just fine. 

  • Ease of Installation

Although the installation is not like a simple Plug & Play, you can still set it up with relative ease. If you are upgrading the existing doorbell, then the installation would be even easier. You can use the same wirings to set it up and integrate it with other appliances of your home. 

Doorbird Camera Doorbell Installation:


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Once you have installed the Doorbell, you’d need to activate it and the mobile app by scanning the QR code that comes with the Doorbell.
That’s all there is to it. Still, if you want to make sure that nothing goes wrong, you can ask a doorbell professional for their assistance.

  • Night Vision

Night Vision can be activated by a push of a simple button that is given on the doorbell. This feature allows you to see whoever is outside, even at night. Night vision can prove extremely useful when you want to know who is outside your front door at night.

  • Stores Visitor History

Once you buy the cloud storage services, the doorbell records the visitors that visit your place. This feature becomes exceptionally useful when you are outside and you don’t have an internet connection on your device. You can see whoever was outside when you get back and then reach out to them to apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Accessories and Spare Parts

A DoorBird Review is incomplete if you don’t mention the accessories that come with it. These additional accessories further enhance the usefulness of DoorBird Doorbell

.Following are some of the additional accessories and Spare Parts that you can get with DoorBird Doorbell 

  • BirdGuard: Allows this device to see at 180o wide-angle 
  • Combi Horn Speaker: Improves the quality of 2-way communication
  • Spare Parts: If the device ever gets broken, you can easily get the spare parts instead of buying the whole thing all over again n 

So, is it Good for Money?

Ok, so we have talked about what DoorBird Door Camera is all about. We have reviewed some of the best features that make this product stand out from the crowd. We have also seen its additional features that enhance the usefulness of this Doorbell/Intercom. Now, all that is left is the final verdict.

Is DoorBird Doorbell really worth the money?

Let’s review what we know so far so that we can make the final decision.

  • DoorBird has Excellent Build Quality
  • The Design approach is quite impressive
  • You get multiple design options to choose from
  • Offers excellent Live Video Feed Quality
  • Even Works with a slow internet connection
  • The spare parts are easily Available
  • The doorbell is quite easy to set up and configure
  • The doorbell is a bit expansive
  • The design variations are not that different from one another
  • The cloud storage service has to be purchased separately


In our opinion, DoorBird is quite expensive, considering the features that it has to offer. But the build quality of this product makes the price seem fairly reasonable. If you are looking for the best Wireless Doorbell with an excellent design, awesome build quality, and a lot of customization options, DoorBird doorbell is the product for you. It is the best choice for a Smart Video Doorbell that you can find in this price range. 

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