Deciding the Height of a Doorbell

How to Decide the Height of a Doorbell?

How to Decide the Height of a Doorbell?

If you have a doorbell mounted next to the front door of your home, it is the best way to alert the homeowners that there is a visitor at the door. However, knocking might not be audible through the entire house.

The doorbell mounted on your home’s exterior is connected to the bell inside. It might be a wired or wireless doorbell. While you decide to install the doorbell at your home, make sure it’s positioned correctly at a certain angle.

Where to position your doorbell? Well, it is said that the doorbell should be 48 inches above the ground. Also, it should be mounted flat against the door or a wall.

You can use additional kits to adjust the doorbell in a vertical or horizontal position. To help you decide the height of a doorbell and positioning it in the right way, we have discussed the factors to be considered for deciding the height.

Factors to consider when deciding the height of a doorbell:

When installing the doorbell, add a push button on the entrance. So, while installing, it’s important to consider the height of your doorbell and it should be accessible. Whether you’re planning to install it on your front door or the entrance to an office, you should consider some things before prepping the drill.

You will have to place the doorbell 48 inches above the ground no matter which area of your home it is. The height mentioned is extremely important to be considered so that motion sensors can detect the person near the door. If you place them correctly, motion sensors will be able to detect motion from five feet away.

Also, the doorbell camera will have an extensive range so that you can see the face of the person approaching your door.


Every home has the doorbell located at either left or right side of the front door. The bell isn’t on the trim around the door, but rather on the wall next to the trim. The doorbell is placed on the same side as the handle. This way, the person ringing the bell will be directly in front of the door when the homeowner opens it.

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The angle of mounting:

It is highly important to adjust the angle so that a clear view and better performance of motion sensors is achieved. However, there are different installation kits available so that you can set up the right angle. Also, adjustment and alteration of angle allow you to choose the best position for your doorbell.

There are corner kits available on the market. So, you can adjust 15 to 55 degrees of your horizontal angle. Contrary to that, the wedge kit enables a user to move vertically and adjust the doorbell up or down by 15 degrees.

Some doorbell models come with a corner and widget kits already. So, it becomes easier and simple to install and adjust these doorbells. These kits are a great help if you are planning to install a hard-wired doorbell.

It must be known that the only way you can avoid poor performance of doorbell motion sensors is the right adjustment of the angle. This way, it is less likely for the motion sensors to detect unwanted objects.

Where is the power source for your ring doorbell?

If you have the Ring Doorbell Pro, it should be wired to the existing wires of the doorbell at your home. This makes it less likely for you to adjust the doorbell properly. So, you can choose Doorbell 2 or a battery-operated doorbell.

If you buy any of these, you can install it anywhere you want. It is recommended to think about the power source for your doorbell. This would help you decide the type of doorbell you need and where to place it so that it performs best.

Optimizing your ring video doorbell:

If you want to optimize your video doorbell’s performance you can be creative and perform the installation of the ring doorbell. You will have to check its performance at different angles and placements before you find the best placement to help your video doorbell perform the best.

Limitations for installation of the ring doorbell

There are some limitations to keep in mind for installation of the ring doorbell. The doorbell cannot be mounted horizontally and doesn’t have screen rotation features. If you don’t place the doorbell properly, you will notice that the motion doesn’t work properly and the videos are visible.

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This way, it becomes difficult for the homeowners to check who approached the door because the motion detectors might have issues. So, it is recommended to find the right place to mount your video doorbell for optimal performance.

When installing the push button, you should consider the height of the doorbell such that it’s accessible. Whether it’s the front door, entrance to an office or your warehouse, you should consider some factors before installation.

Disabled entrance:

Are you having a disabled entrance to your home, office or warehouse? You might have a visitor with a wheelchair and he/she might not be able to reach the height of your doorbell button. So, it is important to keep this mind when you place your doorbell button.


There are door types that have only a few areas free to install the wireless doorbell button. You should check the entrance out to see if any of these areas are off-limits. You might not like to drill holes in the front door of your house. So, you might need an adhesive, or add the doorbell button to the door frame or brickwork.

The Ring video doorbell 2 doesn’t require you to can get an angled bracket and drill it in the brickwork.


If you have kids in the house, they might find it joyable to press the doorbell again and again. Kids in your neighbourhood could also like to press the doorbell and disturb the homeowners.

Kids love to play around with doorbells in their neighbourhood. This way, your doorbell might not live longer as you want it to, but the fun is worth it. You can avoid having kids to press the doorbell button again and again. So, make sure the height of your doorbell is not easily accessible to naughty kids.


Camera doorbells are becoming increasingly popular and there are a lot of reasons why. These doorbells provide improved security and excellence when you don’t have someone at home and a visitor outside.

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It is also one of the important considerations to make when you get to decide the doorbell height. Now, it’s important to think about the range of the camera. It is dependent on how much and which area you want to cover.


As the doorbells with cameras are becoming highly popular. Many of the video doorbells have a 2-way talk feature as well. This allows the visitor and homeowners to connect and talk.

If someone who is not taller enough to reach the doorbell, presses the doorbell, they might not reach high enough to talk and communicate with you or listen to you. It is good for someone to bend down and look at the camera, but not easier for a short heightened person to jump and talk to you.


Video doorbells are extremely important in securing your home. So, you must consider if the camera of your doorbell is capable of capturing the activities around your door.

While you adjust the height, there might be some height levels where views of some objects are blocked at certain angles. For instance, if you install the camera next to a bucket of flowers hanging, there are chances that the views you need to have covered get blocked.

So, when installing, look around to see if any objects are likely to block views around the entrance.


If you place your video doorbell 48 inches high, it’s the right place to position your doorbell. This is the perfect angle to place your doorbell. You can enhance the security of your home by taking the advantage of the wide-angle video capture. We have explained the factors to consider while you’re deciding the height of your doorbell. You should know that the doorbell should be accessible to everybody visiting you.

Also, how you position your doorbell is dependent on the entrance you’re installing it. So, it is recommended to consider the above mention factors to perfectly position your doorbell.

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