How to Secure Your Front Door Using Wireless Doorbell

How to Protect Front Door

How to Secure Your Front Door Using Doorbell Cameras?

The front door to your house is the main entry point and it’s inevitably important to keep it protected. Intruders will find this point the easiest way inside. The next thing you might be thinking is that they can break in through windows or go around back, but most of them do not.

Whether it’s about keeping wandering pets and kids inside and the unwanted visitors out of your house, you have to make sure that your front door is fully protected for you and your family.

How to Protect Front Door

A huge amount of money is lost in every burglary every year and residential properties account for a large percentage of burglary offenses. Therefore, advanced gadgets like automated locks, door jammers, and doorbell cameras are introduced to completely secure your family and assets inside your home.

If you’re using locks to secure your home, it’s better to upgrade because it’s no harder for thieves to attempt to force a lock open now.

Your front door adds value to your property and is supposed to be welcoming as well as protected. Look to make sure everything like the strike plate, door frame strength, and door jamb are good enough to enhance your house’s security.

Chances of Home burglary are greater if:

  • It sits on a corner lot and is more visible to burglars being an easy place to stop at.
  • It is close to a highway or a through the street. This makes exiting easier for them to exit quickly
  • It borders a wooded area or playground
  • The neighborhood is wealthy
  • If there are no young children

How can you protect:

  • Install the burglar alarms
  • All the doors have deadbolt locks
  • House is occupied
  • Newspapers and mails are picked up
  • Noise in the house
  • Cars in the driveway
  • Exterior lights are motion-activated
  • Smart doorbells are installed
  • There should be dogs in the house

Here’s how you can enhance the security of your front door

  • Replace the short screws in the metal plate with longer screws
  • Replace your short metal plate with the longer one
  • Replace the other door hinge screws with longer screws
  • Replace your hollow door with the solid door
  • Add a lock that you can open from inside
  • Add a ‘’security lock door barricade’’
  • Add a ‘’portable door lock brace’’ from the inside of the door

Our suggestions are to help you protect your home. Also, this article will cover a lot of tips to prepare yourself for potential emergencies. So, it’s important to check out all these so that you can add to the security of your home.

How do burglars break into homes?

The thieves don’t enter your house through chimneys and basements; a lot of them walk right up to your door and break into your house real quick.

Quick stats:
34% of burglars break in through the front door 22% use the back door to enter 9% get in through the garage So, 65% of these criminals use the front door of your house to break into your house. Therefore, it’s important to secure your home with advanced security systems. You can start with a monitored home security alarm system. But, layered protection will add to the security of your home. The best place to start with is the exterior door of your home.

secure your home using doorbell cameras

1. One of the simplest solutions to increase your home’s front door security is that you can replace the screws present in the metal plates. Take the screws out one at a time and replace them with 3 inches longer screws.

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This helps you make it harder for burglars to break into your house. The reason is that these longer screws will be long enough to go through the studs that frame in your door. This makes it hard to break. This will be a great help when securing your home.

2. Another thing to do if you want to make your home secure is to add a longer metal plate from a reputed brand guaranteeing an added protection and strength of your front door.

3. Some metal plates from good manufacturers are tall and have places for a lot of 3-inch screws. If a burglar decides to break into your house, he won’t be able to break into your house easily as he would have to kick all day long.

4. The problem with the deadbolt lock also applies to the hinges. For enhanced security, companies have started to use at least 1 longer screw while installing hinges.

But, a lot of hinges used are ¾ inches longer and they are not sturdy enough to withstand a lot of kicks. Also, issues like screws falling out are there.

Here’s what to do to resolve the issues

There is no complicated process to solve the problem. You just need to replace the screws in both the door as well as door frame with three inches longer screws.

This makes the hinges firm into the studs framing in the door, as well as into the door itself. So, it will be a solid door that makes your home secure from burglars.

5. Sometimes, the doors we get installed in our homes are very sturdy and other times, they’re not sturdy at all. For a door that is hollow inside and has a shell is made of metal, it is very easy for burglars to breakthrough. So, you should make sure the doors are made sturdy.

This requires that your doors shouldn’t be hollow at all making it harder for thieves to break into your house. A solid wood door will be able to withstand kicks way better than the hollow core doors. The only way left for the thieves will be the usage of an ax. So, not many intruders like to create a scene and get caught by chopping up your front door with an ax. This makes you safe. One of the considerable things is the presence of decorative windows on your front doors. This looks when it comes to the aesthetic appearance of your home, but it’s not as secure for your home as a door with no windows.

So, it is important to make sure that your front door never gives away to the intruders.

6. You’re done making your front door solid and strong not allowing the burglars in by breaking the system. But, how about the burglars unlocking your door using a bump key? Scary, right? The intruders can use a lock pick or bump key to unlock your front door and easily walk in without making a sound.

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This makes the plates or screws unable to protect your home against burglars. So, what can you do to avoid such a situation? Let’s take a look at the few options we have to prevent such situations.

It is recommended to secure your front door with a look that can be opened from inside only. There are a plethora of such locks from the top brands on the market that guarantee the ultimate security of your home.

You can use these to lock and unlock from the inside. You can easily purchase these locks. However, if you’re not a professional, you won’t be able to install them easily. These locks are easy to install and you can enjoy added security with a lock that can just open from inside.

7. A permanent barricade can be a great addition to keep your home secure. It can be removed only from the inside. If the door gets unlocked from outside, it will not open and the door remains shut keeping the burglars away and failed.

It works for both single and double doors. The barricade itself slides in and out of a plate that can be screwed down to the floor. It slides out easily so that you can remove it during the day when you will be using the door.

8. The other option is to use a temporary or portable barricade. You can use them to secure sliding doors as well as swinging ones. You just have to place one end on the ground and another end beneath the door handle. A lot of them are portable so that you can take them along on business trips and prevent your room to be opened from the outside.

Install Security Accessories:

Some simple things you can do to make your front door secure can save you from burglaries. For instance, installing a security bar or replacing the screws doesn’t take long. These quick fixes don’t need you to be a professional.

Similarly, if your door frame has metal plates is held by shorter screws. It won’t take a lot of money time and knowledge to replace those screws with longer ones. A lot of security bars and door jammers are affordable and reliable. So, you can add a protection layer and enhance security by doing these simple things.

Adding new locks:

If your door is sturdy already, you don’t need to replace the entire door. You will be able to add to the security by just adding new locks and deadbolts. Also, you can choose from a lot of standard locks and electronic locks on the market.

Smart locks are comparatively expensive allowing you to lock and unlock your house remotely. So, you can go to work without locking your door first. These are greatly helpful in situations like forgetting your keys or locking yourself out.

Replacing your Front Door:

You might have a properly installed door but it’s important that your front door is made using quality materials and is able to withstand invasion and weather. Some of the best doors are made using solid core wood or metal.

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There are a lot of solid wooden doors with beautiful designs and aesthetic appeal. But, they can be very expensive and require high maintenance. If you decide to buy a wooden door, it’s important to get one with high-quality construction material.

However, if you don’t want to go with wooden or metal options, you can choose from steel or fiberglass. These doors are also secure, reliable, and weather resistant.

Also, it is recommended to avoid doors with a lot of glass. This makes it easier for intruders to break inside your home. A security door with security bars is good for extra reinforcement. These doors act as an additional barrier to your home.

Rekey the lock:

For making it hard for burglars to break inside your home when it’s a new building, it’s a good idea to rekey the entry lock to avoid any burglaries.

Install specialized locks:

The special locks are designed to add to the security of your home by making it difficult for burglars to enter to your property. Excluding the sliding doors, you can add deadlocks to most doors. Secured deadlocks don’t come with exposed screws and are made using durable materials.

Strengthen the doorjamb:

Install a heavy-duty door strike plate lock so that you can make the doorjamb stronger. Get a secure strike box plate with more screws.

Door Jammer:

A door jammer is also among the options to consider for added security of your home. IT works just like jamming a chair under the doorknob.

Improve visibility from inside your home:

Installing a doorbell camera will be a great help when it comes to securing your home from intruders. You can easily install advanced wireless doorbell cameras with the best security features. This helps you secure your home with the added defense as you will be able to see who is on the door.

Also, you can talk to them through your mobile device. So, whether it’s your family member, a neighbor, a stranger, or someone trying to sneak in, you will be able to watch everything happening at your door. These smart doorbells are incredibly helpful in protecting your home from burglars.

When it comes to the protection of your front door, you should consider the other areas of your home. These include windows and other vulnerable areas that are most likely to be the entry points for intruders. It is recommended to remove shrubbery and flowers from the door or windows. Install curtains there so that people from outside cant look into your home. Overall, all the solutions mentioned and explained above are aimed at helping homeowners secure and protect their lives and valuable assets. The purpose is not to make you think that if you don’t do all the things discussed, you can get robbed. The intent is just to aware you of how burglars can break into your home and what are security measures you can take to prevent such events from happening.

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