Easy and Effective Tips to Protect Your Smart Doorbells

effective tips to protect your smart doorbells

Smart Doorbells Protection: Easy and Effective Tips to Protect Your Smart Doorbells

We all know hard it was to manage traditional doorbells when we used to open the door without knowing who was outside whenever the doorbell rang. The doorbell technology developed giving us an advanced and dependable solution to such problems. The intercom doorbell systems came out after this. These doorbells allowed you to say a quick hello to the person outside your front door. Also, you could figure out if you knew them or not and why are they here.

However, the latest technology has brought us more advanced doorbells that offer more security and enhanced protection for your home, homeowners, and assets. The latest doorbell includes a lot of advanced features for improved security.

With these smart doorbells, you can detect motion outside your home as they come with motion detection sensors allowing you to stay aware of the presence outside your home’s front door. So, you will be able to know there’s someone outside without having them to ping. If the motion detection feature gets triggered, you will find who is outside the door of your home by receiving a notification via an application installed on your smart devices.

Smart Doorbells Protection

If there is an intruder, you can prevent them from entering your home if you have a smart doorbell installed outside the front door of your home. Also, some smart doorbell models have infrared night vision feature. You can use a facial recognition feature for the security of your home. Smart video doorbells use a Wi-Fi connection and keep you aware of the motion, people and objects around your house

. With the doorbell applications installed in your smart devices, you will receive remote notifications. The remote control panel allows you to decide how you want the door of your home to open. It can be motion detection, facial recognition, or security camera information you have.

With the applications installed on your devices, you will be able to receive smart app notifications from wherever you are, at any time of day or night. Also, these smart video doorbells have integrated cameras. This allows you to view and record live security footage.

These video doorbells are incredibly easy to install and set up following a few simple steps. Just install the smart doorbell internal control panel inside your home in a location that is easily accessible. Make sure you have connected your smart device to the internet and the connection is smooth and stable. The functionality and features can be easily controlled using the internal control panel or the application on your smart device.

Why do you need to protect these smart security devices?

The smart doorbell is a smart home device that allows you to control your home’s security remotely by constantly monitoring your front door. It is usually mounted next to the front door and is connected to your smart device via Wi-Fi. When someone tries to approach your door, they will be viewed on the camera even before you hear the chime. These cameras feature a two-way talk feature and motion sensors.

The security features of these doorbells are amazing, but there are various security issues connected to these smart doorbells. That’s right! You have to protect the doorbells from protecting you. They can be hacked. Hackers can access the network these doorbells use and use them to hack your entire system and break into your house easily. So, anyone who can access the network being used and the data and hack your device can monitor the activities in your house and make a burglary plan so easily. Also, they can trick you by showing you a fake video of someone you would let in easily.  People rely on just the companies to safeguard their data and don’t be cautious about their selves and it results in major losses every year.

The hackers can take the usernames and passwords from other breaches as people use the same credentials to log into different accounts. You can avoid such situations with additional security protocols informing users about logins and unknown IP addresses. This allows you to prevent unauthorized access to interrupt your security system.

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Experts found high-risk security issues among all the smart doorbells. There are a lot of issues like password policies, lack of encryption and excessive customers’ private information.

If you want to take some precautions to avoid getting hacked, here are some you need to look at:

  • You should protect your Wi-Fi using a guest network and use a strong password that is not easy to guess. Also, customize the settings and disable SSID broadcast.
  • Keep your password unique and strong for your device. Also, it is recommended to use two-factor authentication.
  • Use a firewall and antivirus software so that chances of having your network hacked are less
  • Mount your devices carefully
  • Keep the software updated
  • Do not share Ring videos on special networks. They can be a threat to your security.
  • Do not keep old footage. If a hacker logs into your account, they will be able to access old videos in addition to the live streams. Delete them so that they can’t access a lot of information about you.
  • You can secure your home network with a VPN. This helps you hide your IP addresses and encrypt the data your devices send and receive.

Use the smart kit safely:

  • It is recommended to safely use smart kits. Beware of unknown brands and make sure you have bought the device from a reputed seller and manufacturer.
  • Check the reviews about the product you’re considering to buy
  • Change the password when you set up a new device and make your password secure and stronger.
  • Install the timely updates to avoid making your system vulnerable to threats

How to save your ring doorbells from theft?

The ring doorbells come with a back-plate and provide good protection to the wall. But, if a thief decides to break it off the wall, they will do it. These doorbells aren’t easy to steal, but they can steal them within a minute if they have the right tools to do that.

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They can use those tools to unscrew the security screws on the underside of the ring doorbell. This gives them access to the screws holding the doorbell to the wall thus making your doorbell’s security vulnerable.

It is not just an inconvenience, it can cause more damage that was prevented by the doorbells. Doorbells deter criminals and they help you keep your homes secured, but it’s highly important to keep your doorbell secured as well.

These tech devices have become an attraction to robbers and there has been an increase in robberies of video doorbells recently. A doorbell robbery can lead to other robberies.

What to do? Some of the possible quick solutions to prevent your video doorbell from theft are here:

  • Install the doorbell to the stucco and use the security screws to make them stick to your front door or the wall
  • Hide your doorbell power wires or it will be easier for the thief to disable it
  • Get a grid box to put your doorbell in the box and lock it
  • Get insurance for your doorbells. If it gets stolen, you will be able to ask for compensation from the insurance company.
  • Also, if you’re unfortunate enough to have your doorbell stolen, you can file a police report.
  • Another way to secure your camera against thieves is that you should have a backup. Don’t rely on the camera installed on your doorbell. It is recommended to have an extra camera on your front window or anywhere around that keeps you aware of the activities outside your front door.
  • Display a sign with a verbal message that can be read easily so that the intruders know that they’re being watched.
  • Also, we recommend you keep an eye on the notifications received on your smart devices. You will get notified when somebody rings your doorbell or their activity around the doorbell triggers a motion sensor.

Protecting your Doorbell from rain, sun snow, and other extreme weather conditions

  • When being exposed to the sun, rain, or snow, your smart doorbell might start working. So, here are some solutions to such problems that are most likely to occur due to weather changes:
  • Get a doorbell that is guaranteed to be weatherproof. It is recommended to check the working temperature in different parts.
  • Cover your doorbell with a protective cover so that rain or snow can’t cause malfunctioning. Check the size before you get a cover so that it fits well.
  • The protective skin helps you protect your doorbell from UV light, rain, and snow.
  • If you’re using a battery-powered doorbell, they’re more vulnerable and require more protection.

Protecting your Doorbell from spiders, bugs, and other insects:

When the IR lights are on at night, it is more likely that bugs will gather around and spiders will make their webs around your smart doorbell. Try the following quick solutions to prevent the bugs from hitting the doorbell:

  • Use pesticides and keep your insects away from your doorbell. Make sure these are non-poison pesticides.
  • Turn off the infrared light at night so that these little insects don’t hit the doorbell at night
  • Clean your doorbell regularly with a soft brush
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Protecting your Doorbell from being hacked:

As discussed above, doorbells are vulnerable to security threats as hackers can easily hack them and break into your house. Here are some tips you can follow to avoid being hacked:

  • Change the doorbell password regularly and don’t use the default password
  • Update software and firmware
  • Make your router inaccessible for hackers
  • Back up the important data that you need most

What if your ring doorbell gets stolen?

Of course, it will be frustrating to lose an expensive smart security device you bought for your home’s security. So, it is important to know if, despite all your hard work, your bell gets stolen, what should you do.

The best part is that if you have the footage of a thief stealing your doorbell, you can get a similar model for free. But, you need to follow some quick and simple steps for that:

  • You should immediately report the theft to the police
  • Take pictures of the doorbell stolen and make sure you don’t touch anything before the police is informed and is arrived at the scene
  • Get a copy of the police report
  • You have to report the theft to Ring within 15 days of the theft

Get the security of smart video doorbell tested:

Your smart doorbell needs to meet the performance standards and protected your home as you expected. So some of the security aspects required to be tested are:

Password: You should ensure that the password of the device you’re using is strong or week. Make sure you choose a secure and stronger one.

Data Encryption: As the doorbell sends and recovers data, you must know what has been shared to ensure that no important information like credentials has been shared.

Reset: If you’re about to resell your doorbell, make sure you have reset the product to factory settings and the app is deleted. Also, make sure that no data is retained leaving nothing to make your security vulnerable.


Smart video doorbells are incredibly helpful when it comes to the security of our homes and offices. But, they have become vulnerable to security threats for you and your family.

If you use them well and always make sure that all the necessary precautions have been taken, they are likely to last longer and help you keep your home safe. But, if you don’t care about their security, they will be either get ruined due to weather changes, fall prey to a hacker, or get stolen by a thief.

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